You have a cancer.

The name of this cancer is “Lucas”.

Lucas likes it when you take out the trash. The cancer grows.

Who will cut Lucas out? He is so young, with a full life ahead of him.

How can you cut him out now?  He’s practically family.

He likes it when you buy things online.  The cancer grips your lymphatic system.

It’s worth it.  He is worth it.

You begin to start a book club between the two of you.  Lucas loves Jane Austin.

His favorite quote is “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”

The cancer reaches forward, gently embracing your liver.  It’s comforting.

No one has ever loved you like Lucas does.  Consuming you whole.  He has ravenous and possessive love for your organs, marching softly and steadily towards your heart.

Your heart beats rapidly in staccato, straining towards Lucas.



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