Vampire Dreams

I woke up in a strange place.  It was my own future, but at the time I thought I was still alive.  

How could I know I woke up a dead person?  Body cold and pale, alone on a slab of obsidian.

I was in the jungle. 

The first thing I remember was that my heart made no noise.  Where once there was a roaring gush of a thing, there now was a delicate whisper limping slowly forward as if my blood was made of chewing gum.

I shook with a strange power.

I coughed, and black ichor dripped out of my mouth.  My hands were so pale.  I made a gurgling noise and looked around, senses popping alight.  

That was when I saw her.  Bloody, lying on the ground: a trail of blood from her prone body leading straight to mine.

My one love, the love of my life.  Dead at my hand.  I cried out.  Not in pain, but in hunger at the sight of her bright blood.  I was starving for it.

I went down to her, desperate for a taste of red life still oozing from her body.

That was when I first understood, who I had been was truly dead and I was reborn again. 

I was a new thing, a thing without feeling but for hunger.

My only struggle was life, my own life and no one else’s.


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