Gravity, tilting us toward the center of ourselves.  Gravity, clicking the hours away. Gravity is always there for me. Holding.  Keeping. Staying steady and strong.

Any day now it could drift away, and so would I.  Up, up and away to the massive dark.

I could fly to the vast exchange of the stars.  My molecules could drift apart and find their own electrons free of my flesh.

Gravity, would that I could hold you back, embrace you, coddle your bones into my blood.

Would I need a heart anymore, should you leave me?

Without the need to fight you day in and day out, my blood could instead float to it’s destination with a clear conscience and an open mind.

I would miss your pressure, your presumption of peace, the thump thump of my heart beating at your walls.

I could try my hand at holding the world down, holding the world together, denying freedom for the sake of comfort.


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