Some Utopias

7. Inside the end of the world, a transient warrior lives on the threat of love alone.  She tends her field of stars and wakes up every morning born new again, connected to the beautiful pain of time passing.

5. Caught in a war of lush passion, wide open hearts and lounging mushrooms ready to soften for suffering, ready to feel in time to the tune of splashing sweetness, singing “Carry me back.”

6.  Weaving in and out, an algorithm of destiny calculates sadness to the Nth degree.  What is the weight of the sum of our lives?  What is the weight of two heavy tides crashing out of sync, singing sideways to ourselves with no hope of a structured space.  Wild and free to feel the vast failures of our hearts.  A silent expulsion of pus, an involuntary explosion of possible futures ahead.


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