Shadow of Optimisim

It’s following me again, a shadow of optimism darkening my steps.  It seeps in while I’m cooking dinner.  It spices my food with a certain cryptic joy.  It sits silently next to me at dinner, demanding seconds, thirds, and all the following helpings.

It wraps my presents for me, a maddening thrill trapped inside each for my unsuspecting recipients.  It gives and gives and laughs as I quietly accept each offer.

It buoys me up in the water, my body stiffly held in safety to the sky.  It creases my eyes, disfigures my mouth into a semblance of a smile.

Though my body craves depression, and my mind aches for solitude, it soon returns bringing with it a tedium of comfort.  I begin to grew mad with unfettered happiness.  This is it’s true purpose, to drive me to distracted joy one torturous, blissful moment at a time until my resolve melts into useless, joyful depravity.



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