By the Numbers

One thing to have, one thing to hold.  Two pieces of the pie to combine, one to carry and two for God.  He takes all the best numbers for himself.  We can’t be wrong when the numbers are Right, and we can’t be Right without a definitive belief in the strength of Numeric code.

When two become four, we all know it can’t last much longer.  The Beast is hungry, and his hunger increases at every juncture, every turn, every happiness is victim to the Hunger.  More will come from the dust of our vanquished enemies.

Our own thoughts, dreams, bodies are the true Enemy.  You must strangle your children to feed, to grow, to die in the gapping maw of it’s mouth.

The Shadows, they chase you down.  The future is full of numbers that subtract but never add up, and empty of the essence of belief.  The present holds a pregnant zero, but the future knows that nothing is wasted.




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